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The GLOW Magazine is our exclusive full-color, world-class bimonthly publication, that celebrates Christmas every day of the year. Explore the fun of collecting vintage and antique Christmas with feature articles on member collections, the history and manufacturing, and the makers, repair, and preservation.

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The GLOW Magazine is produced six issues a year in even-numbered months so there’s always more vintage and antique Christmas just around the corner. Most back issues are available to read right here online, and most paper copies of back issues since December 2014 are available to purchase.

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2022 Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday-Saturday, July 26-30, 2022

The City of Big Shoulders welcomes you to the 42nd Annual Golden Glow of Christmas Past Convention – ChicaGLOW: Christmas in a whole new light! An extravaganza of festivities, fun, education, and all things antique and vintage Christmas awaits you! See the City as you cruise the Chicago River. How about some famous Chicago pizza or an iconic Rainbow Cone? Find out who the Polk Bros. were and what they meant to Chicagoans’ Christmas. You won’t want to miss ChicaGLOW. It will definitely light up your days and nights! Come join us!

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Discover the ever-expanding base of collective knowledge that our members have shared over many years. The educational and historical background of vintage and antique Christmas is at the very core of our stated mission.