Are you writing or broadcasting about vintage or antique Christmas?

A Golden Glow member is an excellent source of information!

Press Kit

Among our 2,300 members are some of the world’s most authoritative people on antique Christmas collectibles and traditions.

Many of our members will allow you to photograph their collections, and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of how, when, and where things were made. Glow members have authored many books, and are widely considered to be leading experts on topics related to the history of Christmas.

Tell us about your project and the kind of Christmas information you need, along with your name and information about your organization. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with a person, or persons, who can help. Our only motivation is to spread the joy of Christmas Past. The only consideration we ask is that you reference The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® along with our website

Email your request to and we’ll be happy to ask the appropriate member(s) to contact you.

Convention Coverage

Golden Glow Press Coverage

Nothing compares to a Golden Glow Vintage Christmas Convention. For five days each summer, we display the largest collection of antique Christmas assembled in one place, anywhere in the world. In addition, these days are filled with lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions, auctions, and sales, all capped off by evening banquets and holiday entertainment! And of course, there are the decorations.

Our conventions are accessible to the Press under certain guidelines. For example, no publicity is allowed while the convention is taking place (we are a private organization and conventions are open only to pre-registered members).

If you would like to learn more about convention access, please email us at