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As a vintage Christmas collectors’ club, The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® has something for every level of collector. By joining the Golden Glow on an annual basis, you will receive a subscription to The GLOW, our vintage Christmas collecting magazine, which is mailed in February, April, June, August, October and December.

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As a member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past®, you can attend and participate in our annual national convention hosted by members in a different city each year somewhere in the continental United States, usually in July, but occasionally in August. The convention registration fee to attend is separate from the Golden Glow membership annual dues.

Golden Glow conventions are a great place to connect with like-minded people and talk about everything Christmas. It’s our way of celebrating Christmas in July (or August!) Meet new collectors or catch up with old friends. Find out what’s new in the world of Christmas collecting. Break out the eggnog, mistletoe, and rock around the Christmas tree! Enjoy the camaraderie of networking with other collectors of antique Christmas and learning from your peers.

When you join The Golden Glow of Christmas Past®, the gifts just keep on coming. As a member, you will have the opportunity to buy back issues of The GLOW or peruse our Magazine and Newsletter archive with issues going back to 1980! This archive is an invaluable resource of information for the vintage Christmas collector.

If you are a dealer, another great benefit of becoming a member is having the opportunity to list your website on our dealers’ site page. This is a wonderful place to get some extra exposure for your business. If you sell old Christmas lights, ornaments, and decorations, you simply MUST be connected with a Golden Glow membership! We have a very active members-only Vintage Christmas Marketplace on Facebook and our Annual Conventions are the biggest vintage Christmas buying/selling event on the planet!

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