About The Golden Glow of Christmas Past®

The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® is an amazing non-profit organization focusing on the education and history of antique and vintage Christmas ornaments, lights, and decorations.

The Golden Glow was founded in 1980 by Jerry Ehernberger as a club, bringing together a small group of like-minded Christmas light bulb collectors. That little Christmas light bulb club has since grown to encompass all vintage and antique Christmas collectibles and into an international organization that holds a large annual convention in a different Continental US city each summer.

The Golden Glow focuses on Christmas items made or manufactured at least 40 years prior to the current year. So for 2022, our organization focuses on Christmas ornaments, lights, decorations, and history from prior to 1983.

All are welcome to join, no matter what level of collecting or knowledge you have.

Members of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® receive six bi-monthly issues of The GLOW Magazine each year. Another benefit of membership is having access to our complete website, featuring wonderful articles, an archive of back issues of The GLOW Magazine, and access to exclusive members-only Facebook groups, including our Vintage Christmas Marketplace where members buy and sell the very best of vintage and antique Christmas collectibles.

At The Golden Glow of Christmas Past®, everyday is the most wonderful time of the year!

How It All Began

Mission Statement

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Regional Organizations

While The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® has grown into an international collector’s organization, there are several regional groups which have developed over the years. While not formally affiliated with the Golden Glow, many members also participate in these regional groups which often hold their own events.