As stated in our Bylaws:

“The purpose of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® shall be to promote, develop, and stimulate interest in the historical and educational background of vintage and antique Christmas items and to arouse interest to the enjoyment of collecting and sharing information about Christmas memorabilia.”

Education about vintage and antique Christmas is at the heart of everything that we do. Here on our website, our members continually collect and share our knowledge of vintage and antique Christmas ornaments, lights, and decorations, new research, collecting tips, services, news, and our fellow collectors.

Collectibles Categories

There are so many areas of vintage and antique Christmas. Some folks collect a variety of items while some specialize in one or two areas. What is your collecting style? Explore some of the major categories of collectibles.

Knowledge Articles

Regional Organizations

While The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® has grown into an international collector’s organization, there are several regional groups which have developed over the years. While not formally affiliated with the Golden Glow, many members also participate in these regional groups which often hold their own events.