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Storrings Keefer 2016

Collectors from around the world come to The Golden Glow of Christmas Past® to meet new people, share stories and find out about the many collecting areas of our members. You might have assumed that you had a collection about which no one else would know or find important. Not likely at the Golden Glow. No matter what you collect, angels, Santas, reindeer, Christmas books or more specific items like Shiny Brites, bubble lights, kugels, Dresdens or Erzgebirge, you will meet many collectors with similar interests in the Golden Glow. If you collect it, then someone else at the Golden Glow does too.

Maybe you don’t know much about all the various Christmas items that exist in the world or you would like to learn more about your collections. Here you will find valuable information on all the categories of collectibles by seeing what other Golden Glow members have to share. Education and history are important parts of the Golden Glow. You will learn a lot by being a member of the world’s largest organization of vintage and antique Christmas collectors.

Please take the time to go through these pages and get a better understanding of all the types of Christmas items that exist, their history and their value. Who knows? You might even discover new things that become your next passion.

If you love vintage Christmas…please join the Golden Glow as a Member!

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