Victorian Glass Ornaments

The glass Christmas ornaments produced during the Victorian era reflected the opulent decorating style of that time. The most common glass ornament types were thin blown glass ornaments, kugels and wire-wrapped glass ornaments.

The Victorian era saw the introduction of thin blown glass ornaments. An indication of these early ornaments is the unique cap that was glued onto the ornament pike. The production of thin blown glass ornaments exploded in volume following the victorian era.

Kugels are heavy blown glass ornaments with thick walls, silvered interiors and brass caps. Kugels come in a variety of shapes and colors. These large, beautifully hued ornaments have a wonderful reflective quality and are a stunning addition to any tree.

Victorian wire-wrapped glass ornaments range in size from a few inches tall to over 12″ tall. They were wrapped in silver wire which reflected the light. They were further embellished with fabric and metal trim making them exquisite decorations for the tree.