Vintage Snowmen

Snowmen as a Christmas collectible have become popular in the past 20 years or so. Maybe this is because of our childhood memories and the fun times we had creating our very own snowmen. They were our silent friends who stood vigil in front of our houses.

snowmen2Snowmen (and women) are quite whimsical and great display pieces to complement other Christmas collectibles.

A variety of materials were used in the creation of all sorts of snowmen; cardboard, paper mache, glass, cotton, metal, wax and plastic. They were made into ornaments, candy containers, figurines and lights.

The top photo is a German candy container from the 1930’s. It opens up on the bottom to reveal Christmas sweets for a child. It is made of cardboard with a mica and paint covering.

The bottom photo is an early figural glass ornament probably from the teens or early 1920’s. It is unique in the sense that it is unsilvered glass, unlike most German glass ornaments from the 20th century through today.