Lighted Decorations

Two examples of the many varieties of lighted decorations are Bubble Light trees and lighted Hard Plastic items. Bubble Light trees are pre-wired, artificial trees with a visca covering made during the 1940’s and 50’s. They range in size from one to three feet, covered with visca, usually green or white, and contain light sockets numbering from nine to twenty four. NOMA Electric Co, Royal Electric Co, and Raylite Trading Co made many of these trees with either a miniature or candelabra light base. The photo is an eighteen light NOMA bubble light tree with a chalk base from the late 40’s.

lighted-santa-on-reindeerLighted Hard Plastic items were made in a variety of shapes, Santas being the most common, but snowmen, angels, deer, trees and churches were also available. Miller Electric, Royalite, General Products and Harret-Gilman were some of the manufacturers of these items in the late 1940’s and 50’s. The photo is a Rosen HiHo Santa figure light, electrified by the Miller Electric company from the late 40’s.

Royalite Reindeer and Sleigh
A hard-to-find Royalite Reindeer and Sleigh (1950s)

Another sought-after lighted decoration is Royalite’s Santa and Sleigh on an arched Merry Christmas lighted base. (pictured left)