Volunteer of the Year Award Nominations

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The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an individual or group of individuals for their contributions to The Golden Glow of Christmas Past®. This award focuses on work done inside the Golden Glow for fellow members, examples like monitoring our Facebook page, running the raffles at convention, etc. Any member in good standing is eligible to submit the name of a member in good standing for consideration. If you know of members you feel have made outstanding contributions to the organization, you can place their names in nomination by following these guidelines: In 150 words (absolute maximum) or less, cite specific examples of their accomplishments deserving of the award. These examples should have occurred within the past two years. The same person can be nominated by more than one person, and an individual can be nominated for both the Ambassador and Volunteer of the Year Awards. People who receive the Award will not be eligible for that particular Award for another five years. To avoid any conflict of interest, current sitting Board of Directors and Golden Glow Officers will not be eligible to receive these awards while in office.

Submissions of nomination letter must be emailed or postmarked by May 1.

Submit your nomination to the Board Secretary: