The production of Sebnitz ornaments started around the 1880’s in Germany. They were made from wire, cotton, leftover holes from sequins (after the sequin was punched out of the shiny material, the leftover came in strips with the missing holes), wax babies/wax baby Jesus, Dresdens, aluminum paper, cardboard, beads and celluloid paper.

sebnitz1Some contained all of the above items and others only a only few. They were made by hand in the homes of everyday German families, known as “The Cottage Industry”. Most were made of bits and pieces of leftover materials, making it affordable for Villagers to work with. No two are completely alike for this reason.

They came in many designs including the following: sleighs with a wax baby Jesus, cars with a wax baby or Dresden drivers dressed and trimmed in Dresden, windmills, mangers, cradles and so many more types. They are completely whimsical and some are very ornate and beautiful. They are “Oh so fun to look at” and are easy to spot because of their quaint, unique and handmade quality.